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Dec 8, 2012 8:00pm PST
the very next board meeting. our report put the port's top officials and board on the defensive and launched a series of investigations. within a week of our first story the port commission placed executive director benjamin and maritime director jamkwon james kwon on administrative leave. we discovered it was more than port officials visiting that coorook bar. some members of oakland police department made visits to that same and here is eric rasmussen again with what oakland police officers are doing on the clock. >> reporter: over four nights we watched the same scene play out at cafe juliet on 14th street in midtown oakland. each night our camera recorded women going into the private room karaoke bar. >> what is going on down there? is this some kind of weird prostitution thing going on? >> reporter: this neighbor and others say the scene we observed has been going on for years, but she told us it's not just the women and mostly male clientele that have her concerned. >> we have seen a police officer kind of go in and out, sometimes at night and sometimes with a police car parke
Dec 8, 2012 7:00pm PST
here . good take down defense by diaz. >> diaz in the clinch position and again with another one there. diaz crumbles underment and nice use of the body by diaz. nate keeps happen incredible pace. goodbye diaz and he holds the record with 238 strikes and labeled against saroni in december of 2011. and another leg kick and nice take down. you have to watch nathan dizza. i wonder if benson will step away. no he's in position. nate trying to get back and he is up. that is one big fighter benson henderson. especially with the legs. he looks like he could be playing on sunday afternoon. >> nick and nate diaz have incredible conditioning and they are triathletes and benson henderson is leaning on nathan trying to take it away. again with the leg kick and low . it was a nice trip . rolling under and good shot to the head by benson. that is the trick that he used a second ago. he looked to trick him there. he used to sweep to get him down. both men with the clinch. joe, nate would like a little distance to get the boxing going. >> he would. that is the same benson when he can land the le
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2